REVEALED: Exactly What Music Supervisors Look For When Choosing Songs For Film or TV

Unedited… And In Their Own Words!
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In These Rare Videos, Sync-Industry Decision-Makers Reveal What You Must Do To Have The Best Chance At Successfully Placing Your Music!


You’ll discover:

  • Four vital ingredients every song must have (Get these right, and music supervisors will instantly know how and when they can use your song)
  • How to nail your performance and find your vocal “sweet spot” (You’ll better grab and hold your listeners' attention)
  • A crucial mistake to avoid at all costs (This will almost certainly cost you sync opportunities)
  • How to instantly make every track more usable to music editors (All it takes is one simple change)
  • The correct way to mix vocals and instruments (Music supervisors are listening for this!)
  • A simple way to make your song more attractive for sync (Doing this gives the editing team more options of ways to use your song, which they love)
  • How to avoid music production mistakes that make your song unusable (Your music will only be considered if well suited to the format of TV and film)
  • A special way of arranging your songs music editors love (Your submissions will move to the front of the line if you do this)
  • And lots more!


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